Get to know The Astrid Lindgren Company

Our background

Few really understood the magnitude of work Astrid Lindgren initiated when she published her first books in the mid 1940s. As long as Astrid Lindgren herself was alive and in good health, she managed her own rights together with her longstanding co-worker, Kerstin Kvint.

In the late 1960s, a company was started – the foundation of what today is Saltkråkan. The company was then called Tre Lindgren (Three Lindgrens) and it focussed on the management of film and theatre rights. The name was a direct reference to the fact that there were three persons with the name Lindgren involved in the company – Astrid Lindgren, her son and her daughter-in-law. The author then waited until 1998 to start the company which was to manage her literary rights. That company was named Saltkråkan after the film Vi på Saltkråkan (Seacrow Island). The two companies were later merged and are fully owned by the Astrid Lindgren family. In the spring of 2018, Saltkråkan AB changed name to The Astrid Lindgren Company.

What we do today

Simply put, you could say that our job is to promote and protect the Astrid Lindgren trademark all over the world. By that, we mean that we want to ensure that as many children as possible, also in the future, will have the opportunity to read her books, see her films and plays, hear her songs and experience her world in the best way possible.

On the one hand we want to support projects that bring her works to life in new and exciting ways, as long as the context feels right. On the other hand, we are guided by Astrid Lindgren’s own clear views on what can, may and should be done with her works.

In an ever-changing media landscape the possibilities are endless, and we spend a lot of time defining the right channels and ways to express the works of Astrid Lindgren in new formats. We are also putting a lot of effort and resources into protecting her brands from illegal use. This is why Astrid Lindgren and many of her works and characters are registered and protected as brands or trademarks in most markets and in relevant categories.

Our aims

Essentially, our activities are built on a true love of Astrid Lindgren and her works. This love is something that we want to spread and share with as many children and grown-ups as possible in the future. Our desire is that future developments take place in a way that guards and protects the originality and feel of Astrid Lindgren’s work.

Related companies

The Astrid Lindgren Company enjoys a great number of relationships with other companies, many of which are listed under Collaborations. Then there are certain companies that we have a smaller or larger equity in.

Astrid Lindgren´s World

Since 2010 we have been active shareholders (together with Vimmerby Municipality) in Astrid Lindgren’s World. Our role is to promote growth and to make sure that more children can enjoy this unique theme park. Naturally, we also want to ensure that everything that takes place is in line with what Astrid Lindgren, herself would have considered good progress.

Astrid Lindgren´s Näs

Astrid Lindgren’s Näs is a cultural centre in Vimmerby based on Astrid Lindgren’s achievements. Beside her childhood home, there is a big exhibition about Astrid Lindgren as well as thematized gardens.


Salikon is a sister company of The Astrid Lindgren Company. It’s a publishing house that distributes texts by Astrid Lindgren that have not been published by Rabén & Sjögren. The first publication was “Never Violence”, a transcript of the speech Astrid Lindgren held when she was awarded the German Booktraders’ Peace-prize in 1978.

The Solkatten Foundation

Astrid Lindgren founded Solkatten in 1986 when she won a cultural prize initiated by the Danish toy company LEGO. The prize of 350 000 SEK was the starting capital for the foundation, whose primary aim is to support cultural projects that promote the development of children. Solkatten contributes to a range of cultural projects and to the Swedish Children’s Book Academy. It also supports a number of magazines. Each year, the foundation hands out a research grant of 25 000 SEK in collaboration with the Institute for Children’s Books.