Here is a list of the most common questions we receive. If you are missing some query that you feel we ought to include, please contact us at info@astridlindgren.se

Astrid Lindgrens home

Dressing up like Pippi Longstocking

Can you portray Pippi Longstocking e.g. at a children’s party or as part of some fun activity for children?

Movies and books

Where can I get hold of Astrid Lindgren’s films in different languages?

Play theater

Can you set up a play based on Astrid Lindgren’s books if all involved are amateurs and the tickets are free?

Research about Astrid Lindgren

Is Astrid Lindgren’s home open to the public?

What does the Astrid Lindgren Archives at the Royal Library of Stockholm hold, and who can access it?

Use text, illustration or photo

Are you allowed to use an image of Pippi Longstocking in a school composition?

Can quotes of Astrid Lindgren or by characters in her books be used in relation to other products?

Where do you get hold of photos of Astrid Lindgren?