The Astrid Lindgren Company collaborates with a wide range of companies and organisations. In some of them, we have taken a more active role, and sometimes even an equity share (read more about them under Get to know The Astrid Lindgren Company), others are partners in licensing projects (learn more about them under Licensing), some we support financially and some share the same interest in the works of Astrid Lindgren as we do.

We support

SOS Barnbyar (Children’s Villages)

To honour the Centenary of Astrid Lindgren’s birth, the idea of building a village for children in collaboration with SOS Barnbyar came up. The initiative came from the Astrid Lindgren Society, Astrid Lindgrens Värld and The Astrid Lindgren Company. In 2009, the first village was finished. 120 children now have a new family, and the school and preschool provide education for hundreds of children. The medical clinic and the social centre support needy families in the area. The idea of funding yet another village came up during a visit to the opening of the first project in Bouar in January 2010. The Astrid Lindgren Company, Astrid Lindgrens Värld and Micki Leksaker AB (a toy company) are now in collaboration with SOS Barnbyar developing  the new children’s village – Bullerbyn, in Togo.

The Foundation for the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital

The foundation was formed in 1997 with the aim of supporting “the care of children at the hospital”. The foundation seeks to improve the environment in and around the hospital so as to ease the children’s stay and thereby also hopefully help speed up their recovery.

The Pediatric Research Foundation

The Pediatric Research Foundation was instituted in1996 when the Astrid Lindgren Hospital for Children opened at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. The aim is to support and promote research into children’s diseases. The foundation supports both individual research projects and bigger initiatives.

For children


Junibacken in Stockholm is a playful museum where everything revolves around children’s stories. Here you can meet many of the characters and experience several of the environments that Astrid Lindgren created in her stories, as well as characters from other children’s books. At Junibacken you can also watch children’s theatre.


In Kneippbyn on the Swedish island of Gotland, you can watch Pippi Longstocking performances everyday during the summer. Here you can also find the Pippi house that was used in the Pippi Longstocking films.

About Astrid Lindgren, her works and accomplishments

On Astrid Lindgren’s official website we have assembled a great deal of information about the author and her works.

Astrid Lindgrens Näs

Astrid Lindgrens Näs is a cultural centre build around Astrid’s childhood home and her authorship. Here you can see an exhibition about her life and go on a guided tour of the author’s childhood home. The centre also offers additional exhibitions, seminars and evenings with a theme, e.g. musical evenings or meetings for authors.

The Astrid Lindgren Society

The Astrid Lindgren Society is a meeting point for all who admire Astrid Lindgren as an author and as a person, and who see her works as an integral part of the Swedish cultural heritage. It is also for those who regard her public statements on various issues as a model for independent thinking and caring for the weak and vulnerable.

The children’s film village in Mariannelund

Right in the middle of Astrid Lindgren’s home county, where the Emil films were made, and where the close proximity to Astrid Lindgren’s World and Astrid Lindgren’s Näs facilitates creative collaborations, a new children’s film centre is going to be established! The long-term vision is to create a national centre for children’s film in Småland.

Royal Library in Stockholm

The Astrid Lindgren archive at the Royal Library in Stockholm was recorded by UNESCO in 2009 as a Memory of the World – a listing of archives and documents that are considered valuable enough to keep for coming generations. The archive (L230) was opened to researchers in 2008. If you want to access the archive, please contact for an application form. More information about the archive can be found on the Royal Library’s website.

Swedish Institute for children’s books

The SBI was founded in 1965 and is a public research library that collects, supports, informs and makes children’s and youth literature more widely accessible. The SBI collects all news articles published after 2007 about the author and her works (all clippings relating to Astrid Lindgren before 2007 are found at the Royal Library).

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award – ALMA

This literature prize could be seen as the Swedish people’s prize for international children’s literature. The prize sum of five million SEK awarded annually makes ALMA the world’s biggest children’s and youth literature prize. The aim is to strengthen and increase the interest in children’s and youth literature, to promote children’s rights and to award those who create and spread good literature.