There are almost as many films produced as there are books written by Astrid Lindgren. Over time, some of the stories have been produced in several versions. Here you can read more about this subject and our views on new film projects.

Astrid Lindgren in the world of films

The first film version of a book by Astrid Lindgren was Bill Bergson, Master Detective. It came out as early as 1947, only a year after the book was released. The next film project was Pippi Longstocking in 1949. Astrid Lindgren herself was not happy with the result where an adult woman had the lead character of Pippi. There and then she decided to always write the film scripts herself. She was just very concerned that her stories weren’t altered or interpreted in a way that didn’t correspond with the story she had once put to paper.

Wrote the scripts herself

Astrid Lindgren almost always wrote the film scripts to her stories, and they have become an important part of her artistry and authorship. The films also contribute to the spreading of her books around the world.

Astrid Lindgren was always just as interested in the creative process of the films and was often present on location when the films were being made – to get to know the actors and to make sure the result was as good as it possibly could be. The cooperation with filmmaker and director, Olle Hellbom lasted for thirty years after they completed their first film together – TheMaster Detective lives dangerously.

Strong interest in new film projects

Quite a few years have now past since the films were made and the interest in making new versions of the stories is increasing. The Astrid Lindgren Company actively works to make sure that Astrid Lindgren’s works are available in new films. We are of course very concerned about securing that the future versions are as good as the original films, if not better.

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Are the old films for sale?

SF owns the distribution rights to most of the films in Swedish. SVT owns the rights to all works that were produced for television.

When it comes to Astrid Lindgren’s films in other languages, things get slightly more complicated. The distribution rights to different geographical markets are owned by several companies and they change hands every so often. For latest updates, please contact or check