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Every day, at The Astrid Lindgren Company we receive enquiries concerning projects based on Astrid Lindgren’s works. Since one of our primary tasks is to ensure that her works are kept alive, all this attention is very pleasing to us. In order to understand why we sometimes say yes to projects, and why we sometimes say no, you can read more under the heading that is of particular interest to you.

Your privacy is important to us

“We’re living in a free country, aren’t we? Aren’t you allowed to walk any way you like?” Pippi Longstocking, 1945 Astrid…

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Get to know The Astrid Lindgren Company

Simply put, you could say that our job is to promote and protect the Astrid Lindgren trademark all over the world. By that, we mean that we want to ensure that as many children as possible, also in the future, will have the opportunity to read her books, see her films and plays, hear her songs and experience her world in the best way possible.

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